Hi I'm Nick Jones

Our Company delivers bespoke solutions to help you overcome critical challenges facing your Business. Whether it’s increasing your top-line revenues, improving your sales’ margins, or just retaining your market share, we demonstrate the approaches that will win you Profitable Sales.

By bringing your Costs under more effective control, we are able to offer a 3 to 1 Return on your consulting investment. This makes us affordable for small businesses and larger companies, all seeking to Grow Profitably in today’s uncertain economic environment.

Our Approach

We invest in a thorough Assessment of your Business: this enables us to discover the opportunities for improvement that are available. Once we have quantified those opportunities, we set the financial and operational targets, and agree the planned improvements required to hit those targets. At every stage of the process, we work with your Team.

The key to any successful Client engagement is the quality of the Implementation. By focusing on agreed targets, we energize your Team to achieve results they did not consider possible. Each step of the way, we Train and Develop them to meet and exceed the new business challenges, and to Sustain those performance levels.

Our Commitment

No matter how large or small your Business, we will always deliver the best business advice: our Clients depend on this. It may require a brief consulting intervention, or more structured and formal project-based approach. Whatever your needs, we will continually focus on our Client’s Profitability.

 Client's Profitability

A simple equation – we impact on both Revenue and Sales.

Revenue – Any sales team can increase sales: they struggle to increase ‘margins’ at the same time. We analyze the sales patterns, trends and forecasts, understanding the impact of promotions and new product introductions. We create a detailed Sales Plan that delivers increased sales and margins: then we work with your Team to implement the agreed improvements.

Costs – We look at the complete Cost Structure of any business, whether small or large. Not just from the viewpoint of reducing the spend, but of right-sizing the assets for the planned sales volumes and activity. This means a critical assessment of  future business requirements, then aligning assets to deliver those requirements, ensuring that your business is capable meeting any level of customer demand.

Profit – ‘You read a book from the front to the back: you run a business from the back to the front’. Once the you have decided the level of profit to target, then impact your revenue and costs to ‘hit’ that target.

We are experienced and have a proven track record of significantly improving our Client’s ‘bottom line’. Contact us and find out how we can help you.

Nick Jones
Profitability Consultant