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What is a 3 to 1 Return-On-Investment?

If you spend £1 on our consulting services, then we commit to delivering £3 in savings or increased revenue to your business.


What is ‘Implementation’ consulting?

Unlike some consulting companies, we don’t spend a lot of time writing reports on the state of your business: we prefer to devote our efforts on analysis of your business, then working with their Team to improve processes and performance.

What is ‘Productivity’?

Put simply, Productivity is ‘output per person per hour’. Whatever your business or profession, this remains a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), and should form part of a small group of indicators that focus on our Client’s performance.

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What are ‘Key Performance Indicators’ (KPIs)?

They are indicators of the performance of your business: they are continually updated and used to improve your Team’s performance. When the numbers inside these indicators change, then your Team should be aware and ready to act.

How do we know if the consulting work is effectively improving our business?

We track our consulting performance weekly: we provide a brief set of ‘Key Consulting Indicators’ (KCIs) that allow you to see at a glance whether our consulting is being effective. In other words, we measure success in the same way for our work as we do for your business.

Why invest our time and money with a consulting company?

Only by assessing our consulting proposal against the business goals and criteria that you have set for your company: we never make a proposal until we are satisfied that we can deliver the agreed benefits.

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